Dr. Sharon O’Connor

My journey into energy psychology began as a quest to help my son heal.  He received a serious concussion during a high school football game, and as the weeks turned to months, his symptoms did not improve.  Frantic and frustrated with his doctors,  I turned to alternative medicine and discovered a new world of healing.  Energy medicine, reiki, acupuncture, chiropractic care, yoga, and energy psychology were a few of the alternative approaches that utilized this fascinating method of working with “energy meridians” in the body to treat mental and physical illness.  Most importantly, theses alternative techniques worked quickly, gently, and non-invasively. Within a week of his first chiropractic treatment, my son’s debilitating symptoms decreased significantly, and by the third week, he was back to his old, cheerful, self.

Intrigued,  I tried another meridian-based healing method –  acupuncture – for a frozen shoulder. Unbelievably, after two sessions I was totally symptom free.  That did it.  I jumped into the world of alternative healing with both feet.  In addition to becoming a Reiki Master and Trainer,  I have trained in several energy psychology meridian-based methodologies including Tapas Accupressure Technique®, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique®, Energy Psychology  and certified in HBLU® 1. In addition, I have over 25 years experience helping individuals become their best selves as a developmental psychologist and management consultant.

This work has allowed me to participate in the most wonderful stories of healing.  Clients are delighted to see food cravings rapidly disappear, anxiety and compulsive negative thoughts fade away, and performance goals attained that they never thought were possible. See “Stories”.

I bring to my mind/body/spirit healing practice all of who I am – a passion for energy psychology, a traditional background  and education in developmental psychology, my coaching skills developed as a principal of DKS Consulting Group – the career coaching and business consulting group I founded with my two, amazingly talented partners, the understanding and patience one develops through mothering four teenagers, practical knowledge of the mind/body connection as a competitive athlete and marathoner, and an enduring awe at the potential each one of us has within us to heal, grow, and become our very best self.

Lily, 8