Lose Weight And Adore Your Body©


 Are you ready to finally lose weight and adore your body?

 Lose Weight and Adore Your Body©

6 Week Body Transformation Program

This structured, step by step program will help you:

Eliminate Food Cravings

End Emotional Overeating

Clear Weight Loss Sabotage

“Rewire” Your Brain with Positive Habits for Success

Lose Weight and Adore Your Body

Are food cravings, emotional eating, and dieting frustration preventing you from losing weight?

If you are struggling with weight loss, it may be that unconscious patterns, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs are preventing you from successfully achieving your goal.

The Lose Weight and Adore Your Body Program© uses state-of-the-art neuro-psychological techniques to help you remove internal barriers to finally losing the weight, feeling confident, and adoring a slimmer, healthier body.

This is not about dieting or how to exercise.

This is about ending the emotional eating that prevents you from losing weight and adoring your body.

Have you ever said to yourself . . .

I can not control my craving for ice cream. . .candy. . .bagels . . .potato chips . . .

I always struggle with my weight

I can’t eat healthy because I always feel deprived

I can’t exercise because I just don’t have the time

I eat when I’m stressed . . . bored . . .angry . . .sad . . .

I was born this way, I have a bad metabolism, Its my biology . . .

I am a food addict and I am addicted to carbs, sugar, . . .

Since my breakup, I have just gained more and more weight

Negative patterns and beliefs like these prevent us from achieving our ideal weight.  We work so hard through restrictive dieting and exercise to change our bodies, then our internal, negative programming brings us right back to the weight we started at. . . or worse. In addition, we are exposed to negative cultural messages telling us that there is only a narrow, photoshopped ideal of beauty and therefore we should feel badly if we do not fit into that limited mold. All this negative internal and external messaging prevents us from being the healthiest, happiest version of who we can be.

So, how can we change our negative programming?

We can now shift deep-rooted, unconscious patterns through techniques from a powerful, new field called Energy Psychology. Research suggests that Energy Psychology re-wires the neural pathways in the brain to directly effect the way we hold information and emotion.

We can remove old, negative patterns, emotions and habits, and “wire in” new, positive habits and ideas about our body, our body-image, and our life.

This state-of-the-art psychological approach to weight loss is now available to you, structured in a step-by-step six week body transformation program.

6 Week Body Transformation Program Outline

Week 1: Fresh Start

During the first session, you will learn how to use a powerful energy psychology technique to quickly reduce anxiety related to food and weight loss. You will use this technique to clear out frustration, stress, and feelings of overwhelm about past attempts at weight loss and and instill new patterns for success. Finally, I will also share with you a highly effective technique for eliminating food cravings.

Week 2: Tackling Emotional Eating

Week 2, we will tackle the emotions that trigger emotional eating.  We will specifically create new behavioral and emotional responses to boredom, anger, stress, fear, sadness, anxiety and any other emotion that causes us to eat when we are not hungry.  Then, we will begin to create a relationship with food that is nurturing, healthy, and enjoyable.

Week 3: Moving Past the Past

Often times, there is pain in our past, that blocks us from losing the weight.  We have a bad break-up, then turn to food to soothe ourselves.  The excess fat subconsciously “protects us” from getting hurt again by making us feel too unattractive for another relationship.  These and other painful past experiences can sabotage our ability to lose the weight.  During week 3, we will look deeper into our subconscious and release the patterns that are holding us back.

Week 4: Built to Move

Our bodies, or our “earth suits” as one friend likes to say, are built to thrive with movement. Just watch young children.  They twirl, dance, run, and jump for the sheer pleasure of it.  However, for so many of us, exercise has become yet another thing on our “to do” list.  For others, negative experiences with exercise from our childhood or even adulthood have created sabotaging patterns.  During week 4, we clear any resistance patterns to physical activity, so that you will look forward to experiencing the joy of living in and moving your body.

Week 5: A New Vision

Week 5, we will create a New Vision of what we look like, who we are, and how we feel about our bodies. We will also spend time releasing any subconscious beliefs we hold about our bodies that have become part of our personal narrative.  What do we tell ourselves about how we look? What other people think of us? What we cannot do? And cannot be? How are we standing in our way from us becoming our best selves?  Holding onto old patterns is like “Trying to create the future by looking at the rear view mirror” as one Energy Psychology pioneer likes to put it.

Week 6: Success Forward

During the last session, we instill new habits for success that will continue to move you forward toward your goal.  We will also clear any fear of failure or anxiety which you may have about not reaching your goal  And finally, I will share with you a powerful protocol to help you maintain momentum forward, if you happen to fall off track.


BIO: Dr. Sharon O’Connor, a psychologist, reiki master and certified Energy Psychology practitioner has created an effective, easy-to-do weight loss program that will enable you to finally lose the weight, gain a confident body-image, and learn to accept the fabulous person that you are.

 Program Details

 Six Week Sessions 


Session 1: 12pm-1:30pm Mondays: Sept 23,30, Oct 7,14,21,28

Session 2: 12pm-1:30pm Fridays: Sept 27, Oct 4,11,18,25, Nov 1


77 Bridle Trail Rd., Needham, MA 02492


Small Group Program (6 participants max.) – $350

1 on 1 Private Program –  available upon request

To register, email Sharon O’Connor, Ed.D., at drsmoc@verizon.net